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About Us

Established in 1991

Riverlands Montessori School - Now permanently closed

Riverlands’ first home in 1991 was in historical “Cornwall House”, Middle Swan. In July 1998, the school relocated to Whiteman Park for 5 years. In 2004, the dream of a permanent home was realised when the 6 acre property in Arthur Street, near Whiteman Park, was purchased.

Riverlands Montessori School follows the educational philosophy of Dr Maria Montessori, who was one of the most influential educators of the 20th century. Maria Montessori created an education environment that assisted the child by meeting the inner needs. Such an environment does not encourage the use of reward or punishment as motivators for children learning.

Currently on site we operate a Playgroup (1-3), Children’s House (3-6 year olds), Lower Primary class (6-9 year olds) and Upper Primary class (9-12 year olds). There is a Board of Governance and an active Parents and Friends Association.

2020 was the final year of operation for Riverlands Montessori School.

Welcome to our school

We have an app that has been custom created to serve the needs of Riverlands Montessori School. This app helps Riverlands Montessori school dramatically enhance its communication with parents by giving them all the up-to-date information about their children’s school at their finger tips, at any time of a day. Parents can benefit from the app greatly by being sure they got the access to the full information available and have not missed out anything.
riverlands montessori school
riverlands montessori school
The history of Riverlands

Our Timeline

riverlands montessori school


Riverlands’ first home is established at “Cornwall House”, Middle Swan.


The school relocated to Whiteman Park for the next 6 years.

riverlands montessori school


Riverlands' permanent home becomes situated on 6 acres near Whiteman Park.